Welcome to Gamerz Pot again friends! Today, we will introduce to you another game – Under Control. This game is very popular in Facebook. In this article, we will tackle about the Overview of the game, how it is played and how you can collect free gold. Yes, free gold. Because of your undying support to our work, our team has decided to give away 4000 free gold for Under Control.

Before you can get your free gold, we will first give you an Overview of the game. The Overview contains about what kind of game Under Control is, what are the platforms this game is available and a short guide on how to play it. A specific guide will be provided soon for you to be able to know the tactics to succeed and enjoy the game. So follow us and keep reading!


Under Control : General Game Overview

Under Control is a free to play strategy browser game developed by RJ Games LTD.  In Under Control, players build a base, fight for control of scarce and precious resources, and battle to liberate countries from the clutches of the tyrannical dictator, General Krieg. Players can work together and build powerful alliances, and together, achieve the ultimate goal – liberation and freedom for the entire world! Under Control places you in command of a rebel army, backed by an enormous arsenal; with sound strategic and tactical planning, investment in technology, and pure determination, you can bring freedom to the whole planet! Do you have what it takes? Develop your base, create your army, and achieve world dominance!


Why Do People Love Under Control?

People keep on loving Under Control. As of today, the game has gained more than 400 thousand followers on Facebook. The admin of their fan page is very friendly and they immediately response to any question and concerns of the players regarding the game. Below are the key features of Under Control.

Under Control Key Features

Play Together – Under Control allows you to fight both against other players and alongside them, in real time PvP battles! Can you outwit, outmaneuver, and outfight all challengers?

Build An Army – Under Control lets you play General on a global scale. Build your army and lead them against your enemy, crushing them under the weight of your troops’ booted feet. Take the fight to them!

Free The World – Defeating General Krieg and freeing all the nations of the world demands the sharpest minds, both militarily and logistically. Triumphant leaders must balance management of diplomatic relations, resources, and military assets, all in real time, against the risk of wagering any of them to advance your position. Fortune favors the bold!


Under Control Gameplay

For you to see what are we talking about, here is a short gameplay of Under Control.



Under Control Gold Giveaway

Under Control is one of the popular games on Facebook. Many players have been addicted to this game and been wanting to get free gold instead of buying them. This Under Control free gold giveaway is here now to provide free gold for everyone!

Under Control free gold

How to Claim Your Under Control 4000 Free Gold?

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Under Control free coins


Visit their Official Website here.

Download and Install Old Vegas Slots on Google Play Store.

Play now on Facebook.

For updates, follow Under Control on Facebook.


This Under Control free gold giveaway is not affiliated by Facebook nor by Under Control.


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