Hello everyone! It’s been a while since we’ve had our last game giveaway. Today we have come up to another game that is absolutely loved by many and as always, we are giving another freebies to enjoy – Knights & Brides Free Rubies! Yes, that is absolutely correct. We have received a bunch of requests to make this giveaway possible and now we have decided to make it happen.

First of all, we will give you a short overview of the game to refresh your knowledge about this game. However, an in-depth guide of the game is not yet available at the moment. Do not worry, it will be provided soon so stay connected with us. Invite your friends to follow us and have fun too!

Knights & Bride : General Overview of the Game

Knights & Brides is a simulation game developed by Vizor Interactive Ltd. where you become a mighty knight or a clever princess in a fairytale kingdom. You can either choose to be a knight or an audacious princess. In the game, you will have your gnome servants that will help you turn this tiny strip of field into a dashing city. Isn’t that cool right? The game has now reached over 300 thousand Facebook followers.

Key Features of Knights & Bride

The following are the best features of the game that you will never miss out if you play Knights & Brides.

  • Build you own city – Manage your resources, take care of your buildings and help your allies
  • You can also play friendly duels against other players
  • Interact with other knights and princesses

Knights and & Bride Gameplay

Below is a short gameplay of Knights & Brides. We recommend you to watch it so you will have a better understanding of what we have been talking about.


Knights and Brides Rubies Giveaway

Now we are on the best part! but first of all, for those of you who do not know about the importance of rubies in the game, we will give you a short info about this resource. Well, Knights & Brides is a free to play game but some in-game items are available for purchase. Rubies, also called Ruby requ are the special currency of the game. It can be used to buy items, structures, decorations at the Market. Rubies can also be used as a payment for unlocking game content that may be locked due to level, as well as skipping quests. Knights and Brides Facebook fan page do not give much rubies. That is what this article is purposely made, TO GIVE YOU FREE RUBIES! How to collect? Scroll down and follow the instructions for best result.


 knights and brides rubies


Instructions on How to Collect Your Free Rubies

The following steps are very important to be followed so you can successfully claim your free rubies. Do not hesitate to do it! After this your account will be loaded with 3 Thousand free rubies.

  1. LIKE OUR FACEBOOK FAN PAGE. If you are using desktop computer, at the upper right corner of this page you’ll see a plugin of our Facebook page, click “Like Page” if you are already logged in to your account. For mobile users, scroll down and you will see this at the bottom of the page right after the search bar. You can also visit our Official Facebook page here or just simply search Gamerz Pot on your Facebook account. Like FB page
  2. SHARE THIS GOOD NEWS TO YOUR FRIENDS so they can collect bonus rubies too! At the left side and below this post, you will see Social Sharing buttons. Click the Facebook icon. Copy and Paste this caption “Knights & Brides 3K Free Rubies! Collect now!” to your post and hit “Post to Facebook”.
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  3. If you are done with Step 1 and 2, go down and click the “Claim Now!” button below.
  4. To make sure that you are not spamming or a bot, we have created a human verification process for security. Our giveaway is 100% legit and therefore we do not allow abusive actions to take place. This will only take a few minutes to complete, so you will have your resources in no time.
  5. If you have already successfully completed the verification process, your 3K free rubies will be automatically loaded to your account. Enjoy playing Knights & Brides!


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Visit their official website of  here.

Play on Facebook now.

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